Workout your soul

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BUCKLE YOUR SEAT BELTS!  Your soul has signed up to AWAKEN and this AWAKENING is starting right now.   The proof of that—you reading this, right now.  It’s called AWAKENING because you are simply remembering who you really are, and have just forgotten.

You’ve realized you want more.  Your e-motions, your energy in motion, has warned you already, it is time.  Your Emotional Guidance System is born from the same place as this awakening. Follow it, Join us today.  Learn the laws of the universe, become the master of your universe, if you so choose.

We want to provide you with the tools to do that.  Not in just one workshop or gathering—but in a Holistic Gym where you can continually sustain the Zone of your Highest Vibrational Frequency to live your Best Life.  A Gym where the WHOLE YOU can stay focused as you WORKOUT YOUR SOUL.

Just as a drop of the ocean contains all the elements of the sea, you’ll learn to…

‘Know Thyself’ and realize that ‘It is all Within’ and always was. ‘Workout Your Soul’.

‘We are all born having forgotten who we really are and have chosen our journeys to remember and awaken.’

Your membership includes complete access to our center. Our morning and evening classes, our meditation room, our future labyrinth, our tea, plus discounts on our products, our treatments and workshops. You can become a monthly, annually or package member. Register for your first free class at our Class Schedule at the top of the menu.  Read the descriptions of the classes, treatments & workshops at our services menu and read about our facilitators in Facilitators page above as well.   We are here to serve you.  Namaste.