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Who We Are

More and more, each of us is feeling a deep desire to answer the call of our true purpose. While many of us can’t fully understand our longing for wholeness, something inside is guiding us towards our truth, our purpose — towards a beautiful world and existence we innately know exists.

At I Am Equilibrium, our intention is to service the community of souls that are each awakening to their reason for being on this planet. And that means you. This is not a coincidence. Welcome to your community.

As a Holistic Gym, we aspire to provide a space where people can come together to heal, inspire, teach, and exchange ideas through our diverse schedule of classes, workshops, and events. From prosperity and relationship courses to yoga and meditation sessions, I am Equilibrium is designed to Workout Your Soul. One-on-one services like hypnosis, energy healing, and angel readings are also offered.

We modelled the business after a Gym, a Spa and a Holistic Office to provide the Best modalities for a Full Mind, Body and Spirit Experience. With this our members can incorporate into their lifestyles the tools to help them awaken to their purpose and live their best life. We gathered the top healing modalities from all over the world.

Magnifying the center’s loving energy is our truly exceptional team of facilitators who join us from the world’s top spa and healing institutions. Each facilitator is at the top of their specialty having worked and working in top spas in the world from Canyon Ranch, Green Monkey, Equinox, etc… Other facilitators are at the top of their service category, whether it be mental health, hypnosis, energy healing, massage, detox, Bach Flowers, yoga, nutrition, sound healing, etc… We bring it all to you under one roof. For the WHOLE YOU- mind, body and spirit. Our classes and treatments are divided as such. You’ll see M for mind, B for Body and S for Soul. We have an on-site specialist to help you learn about your energy centers, ie. Your chakras and help guide you like a GYM TRAINER…just remember this is the GYM FOR YOUR SOUL.

Your journey has brought you here. It is time to look within.

Our Mission

I am Equilibrium is a Holistic Gym and on line community dedicated to servicing the community of souls that are each awakening to their reason for being on this planet. Our space brings those together who are looking to heal, inspire, teach, and exchange ideas through our diverse schedule of classes, menu of healing treatments and workshops.

Our Values

During some of Ivette’s most trying times, she wore one bracelet that is as humble as they can come. This bracelet has empowering words. Core Values that til this day after several decades is still a large part of her mantra: Courage, Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity, Tolerance, Wisdom and Strength. These are IAE’s core values. All those who work here, all those who reside will learn these values.

Our Vision

Our Vision is a massive interchange of empowering ideas and thoughts that allow all those involved to find their authentic power. This school of thought spreads so widely that it shifts 68-70% of the planet, thus causing the entire planet to shift into a higher consciousness and awareness.


About Our Founder

Ivette Agusti is a Miami native woman with Hispanic descent.  Ivette lived the majority of her life pleasing others and felt alive when she spent time with her guru, her grandmother.  The title ‘Grandmother’ gives some women a small stature, but those who knew Rosa Agusti, knew the true essence of a being of light being larger than life.  Rosa was a Free Mason, a Rosicrucian Minister, a clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient woman who was always studying and meditated several times a day.  Ivette was always by her side. Having this magnificent being by her side, Ivette learned the universal laws, how to always seek the truth, and to ‘Know Thyself’ where we really come from and what is truly real.

One thing that would puzzle Ivette as a child she would continue to ask, ‘Abuela where do people go who do not have an Abuela to teach them these things?’.  Ivette was determined to one day open a Holistic Center.  Ivette later worked in the corporate world, with a masters and bachelors in accounting she became a consultant for 5 years at Arthur Andersen to later run a successful Real Estate business for over 15 years.  All the while developing and helping peers and mendees seek their true purpose and their truth, she experienced personal obstacles and felt unfulfilled.  Things were definitely not going as she planned.  Ivette was not living her purpose.  Time continued to pass.  Two decades later and Rosa’s passing in 2013, marked the birth of Ivette’s vision, I Am Equilibrium.

A place built for you. YOU – the person reading this right now.