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Beliefs = Success

Beliefs & Success

Beliefs = Success

I treat Mindset blockages that hinder men or women from succeeding.  Whether its the goal of transforming their business into a multi-million dollar business or succeeding in balancing the family and home life.  This is the first time I announce it here in the IAE newsletter.  I didn’t announce it earlier because I only see a handful of clients at a time.  But whether it is a celebrity client or a stay at home wife or mom, I’ve noticed a common theme, Belief. 

Speaking in different venues in front of 200+ people, I realized how Beliefs is a common theme.  Belief=Success.  Not just any Belief.  Belief in a High Source.

  In the last Women’s Symbosium, Dr. Tracy Lynn went up to speak.  She’s created an empire similar to Mary K but in jewelry.  This woman is on fire.  On stage, telling her triumphs and failures, you can tell she’s gone through experiences that every man and woman face when confronted against their obstacles.  The whole time she was speaking, I said to myself, this woman has a strong spiritual faith.  The kind of unwavering faith that moves mountains.  Sure enough, at the end of her speech, in the Q & A, someone asked her of her routine, (same question they asked Alina Villanueva when she and I were in a panel speaking together).  Dr. Tracy Lynn’s response: she starts her day in prayer – for an hour before the household rises, at 5 am, she goes into a small room in her house where she dedicates that hour to her Source, her God, her Highest Power.  She Surrenders.  She knows she can put her best foot forward, but whats in charge is Divine.  The variables and things you can not control (which is everything but you) must be left to Divine Order and Divine Timing.   Without this, we, our own person, gets in the way.

The reason I knew of this faith prior to her announcing it, is because that’s the key I’ve seen in all my client’s transformations. 

I have one client that’s still with me, but that’s her battle- she has a million dollar company which can easily go into multi-million, but just like all businesses mirror their owners; the blockages of the owners, are the blockages of the business.  And she has a difficult time surrendering.

See God or however you personify your higher source does not worry.  He knows you’ll always come back home as He is love and He is right inside you – so there’s nowhere else to go.  But until one realizes that, the struggle is real. Thus, Belief in God/Higher Power parallels your Success.  Because we can Not do it All.  The Success, the Creation, just like you in your mother’s womb, comes from a higher Power, from God.  So I invite you to cultivate some sort of prayer, meditation, breathe, yoga, whichever inspires you more.  We invite you to try these, on us…

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