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Circular Breathing A Proven Method for Healing, Transformation & Being Happy

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Circular Breathing A Proven Method for Healing, Transformation & Being Happy

By: Prof. Dan Brule

Do you have any deep-seated psychological or emotional issues or problems? Or anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorders?

I have good news – there are ways to clear and resolve the long-standing effects of trauma, negative impressions and limiting subconscious beliefs. We can replace them with positive and empowering states and attitudes.

Through Circular Breathing, anyone with normal attention span, together with the willingness to learn and practice, can drop ancient deep-seated habits and patterns, conditioning and programming. We can all reclaim our original essence and purity, our natural power, perfection, and boundless joy! If we relax in a safe environment with someone we trust; if we breathe in a conscious continuous way, while remaining alert and aware, open and relaxed, we can process our own thoughts and feelings, our own emotions. We can unravel, dissolve, or release all of our early traumas and any limiting programs.

More good news – restoring and renewing ourselves is just the beginning. You don’t have to have a problem to practice Circular Breathing. I’m committed to using Circular Breathing for a higher mission: and that is “Everyone Being Happy & Free.”

We can simply drop the game of illness and suffering all together. We can shift our awareness and energy away from dis-ease, and focus on a completely different level. By doing so, all our psychological and emotional issues—even serious physical medical conditions—resolve themselves, or simply fall away on their own! Circular Breathing transforms all the negative past experiences into natural springboards to higher consciousness, to spiritual enlightenment, self-realization, and ultimate liberation.

Circular Breathing is described simply and easily. It is “conscious connected energy breathing.” The breathing is continuous: which means that there are no pauses or gaps between the breaths. The inhales are active and the exhales are passive. And furthermore, we are consciously breathing energy and not just air.

Moment to moment “open relaxation” is also a key factor in the process; as well as a willingness to feel deeply and to be totally present to what is, as it is. You can learn to rebirth yourself in ten private training sessions.

If you are serious about peak performance, optimum health, or ultimate potential, then you owe it to yourself to take on Circular Breathing as a life skill. You would be wise to add it to your spiritual arsenal or toolbox!


Join us every Monday at 7:30pm for a Circular Breathing class with Roberto Suarez “El Happy Coach” at our Bird Rd IAE Location – 6463 Bird Rd, Miami, FL 33155. Click here to sign up

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