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Da Vinci BodyBoard!!

Da Vinci BodyBoard!!

Da Vinci BodyBoard!!

What do you get when you mix a board, fitness bands, and cardio? If you guessed ‘Da Vinci BodyBoard’ readers, you are absolutely correct!

Join me in welcoming one of our newest additions of classes offered here at I Am Equilibrium: The awesome Da Vinci BodyBoard!!

Da Vinci Bodyboard

The board, created by Floery Mahony, a busy work mom, who wanted an exercise regimen that wouldn’t cramp her style, or her time.  She began experimenting by tying bands around her furniture and moving thing but discovered that it was simply not helping. Plus who wants to movie furniture all day?  The board, with attachable fitness straps for extra exercise is for those on-the-go and don’t have time to spare. Thanks to the bands, you can now work out several muscle groups at a time, making it an active and effective workout.You will be working your abs, quads, back, shoulders, hamstrings. Each movement help strengthen your muscles all the while helping to prevent to cause stress to your joints.

Da Vinci Body Board (2)

These workouts last just 20 minutes! You read right readers, now we really have no more excuses to prevent us from being healthy! Floery even developed an awesome dance workout called ‘Band Dancing’. Five minutes of dancing with the bands are all you need to have a cardio warm-up that is much less strenuous than running. All of us here at I Am Equilibrium are all incredibly excited for the Da Vinci Bodyboard (or the DVBB)! Sign up today for a DVBB Class!

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