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Give Love & Appreciation

Give Love & Appreciation

Give Love & Appreciation

“Wherever you go,

whoever you meet,

and whatever you do,

give love and appreciation,

because that is your true nature.

How do you know it is your true nature?

You feel so good when you are giving it!”

– Rhonda Byrne

  The Secret provided so much wonderful information for changing the way that we not only live, but more importantly how we think. The above quote, from Rhonda Byrne, is a great example of the positive feel-good type of thinking that brings you closer to living the type of life that we all dream of. No matter who you are, where you are or what you do, we all want to live a happy fulfilling life and by giving love and appreciation we send out and as a result receive that frequency back.

      If we could all just manage to do this, it wouldn’t be long until this world was a better place than it is now. Go out and try it! What’s the worse that could happen? Someone doesn’t reply in kind..that’s okay, because at least you’ll be staying true to the type of person you’d want to be.

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Ivette Agusti