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Helen Yanez

Helen YanezHelen Yanez’s journey toward self-awareness started in 1998 as a practitioner of Hatha Yoga.  It was only after a series of zenith points in her life that she fortunately stumbled upon Kundalini Yoga.  Soon she began to live life as Yogi Bhajan encouraged, “Travel light, live light, spread the light, and be the light.”  Through Yogi Bhajan’s teachings, Helen found meaning and purpose in life.  Within a year from her first Kundalini yoga class, she trained with Deva Kaur in Coral Springs, Florida and obtained her certificate from The Kundalini Research Institute in 2011. The “yoga of awareness” constantly delivers Helen grace during life’s trials and connection with the self as well as the universe.  It is her hope to share the power of breath, meditation, sound, and asana to empower others and transform lives. 

Helen has been serving students and teachers in Miami-Dade and Broward for 20 years.  She entered the field of education as an English teacher and is now a school administrator.  She currently works at The City of Pembroke Pines Charter Schools Academic Village Campus where she often shares with students and teachers the power of yoga by offering meditation workshops and free yoga classes.  She loves empowering learners in both the traditional schoolhouse classroom and the yoga classroom.


Open your heart, mind, and body with Kundalini Yoga. This yoga style engages and challenges students through its conscious breathing, deep meditations, mindful mantras, and cardio-like asanas.  It delivers practitioners mental peace and universal consciousness.  Come learn how to be happy and healthy with “the yoga of awareness.”  All levels are welcome.


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