Workout your soul

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‘I Am Equilibrium Kids’ is in over 20 schools as their joint venture with Door to the Arts, a non-for-profit, after school program.  We specialize in Creating Mindful & Healthy kids.  Our curriculum consists of the #1 Kids yoga program along with top kid’s meditations and healthy kids eating and living.  Everything we incorporate has been chosen from the top experts and programs in the nation.  I as the founder have my child in it so I made sure to travel and get the best of the best for my child and yours! We go over holistic movements, eating habits and behavioral aspects where top Child Psychologist from our local area join us to teach.  We love teaching our IAE Kids and highly promote them understanding the world they live in no matter what the circumstances!  Call us today if you would like to us in your school if we’re not there already J.  Enjoy seeing some of our pictures and videos from these past school years.