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Ivette Agusti

Manifestation Master, Educator & Speaker Inventor of Money-Festing®, Manifestation Meditation®, Manifestation Hypnosis® & Hypnofit™ Founder of I Am Equilibrium®

We live in a fast-paced, modern world in which peace and quiet are rare treats, work and life are stressful, and productivity, relationships and health require constant effort to maintain. But it’s not all doom and gloom, Ivette Agusti is committed to transforming the way we live and work for the better. She is the inventor of several new mindset mastery tools, including Manifestation Hypnosis®, Manifestation Meditation®, and Hypnofit™. All are combinations of proven mind/body modalities – both old-school and modern, both “alternative” and scientific – that maximize personal effectiveness in work and life. These techniques represent the culmination of years of study, certifications, practical experience and expert contribution, all combined to support healthier, more productive and more fulfilling corporate environments.

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Ivette has been passionate about helping others grow and evolve all her life. It all began with her Grandmother, Rosa, who was a formidably strong, talented and insightful woman; she was a Freemason and a Minister, two nearly unheard of accomplishments for a woman of her time. Inspired by Rosa and driven by her own fascination with the mind-body connection, Ivette forged her own path, not only by developing HypnoFit™, but also by founding I Am Equilibrium® two Holistic Mind-Body Centers in Miami. It was during this process of developing those curricula that Ivette created HypnoFit™… and the rest is history.

Ivette has a Masters & Bachelors degree in Accounting (yes, Accounting) and even then was more eager to “coach” her fellow classmates than crunch numbers. She helped several of them identify their life goals and best majors, and in the process realized she was destined to support and develop people. This led her to run a division of Arthur Andersen, where she excelled, running Training & Development both internally and for clients. In this role, Ivette got to see employee challenges, morale issues and conflict first-hand, and design programs to overcome, address and solve these problems. Ivette is a talented speaker and trainer, and delivers workshops.

Ivette is a talented speaker and trainer, and delivers workshops, seminars and trainings for corporate audiences to learn how to quiet the mind, stimulate the body, and create energyrich environments for maximum productivity, achievement and manifestation.