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Lupus cured with Biomagnetic Therapy

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Lupus cured with Biomagnetic Therapy

“I first heard about Biomagnetic Therapy from my sister in L.A. She was talking to me about my aunt.  I was concerned about her health since she suffered from Lupus.  Then my sister made the most absurd remark “Didn’t I tell you?!” she said. “My aunt got cured!” Of course, my reply to that was “”WHAT? Lupus is INCURABLE!” What do you mean?!”  Then my sister started to tell me about Biomagnetic Therapy and how it cured my aunt and that my aunt had a follow up with her specialist and the doctor did in fact conclude that she no longer suffered from Lupus. After 20 years of suffering from this degenerative disease, she was cured. How was that even possible? Then my sister told that she found a Biomagnetic Therapist in L.A. who treated her and that she no longer suffered from arthritis in her hands. My sister had suffered from arthritis since she was 22. Her arthritis had ached her so much for so long and it was a constant topic of discussion. Needless to say, she had my full attention.


Even before I got off the phone, I started to research what it was, how it worked and where I could find a therapist nearby. The closest I had found online at the time was in Tampa and so I proceeded to make arrangements for him to visit Miami and see my family and I. I had suffered from tennis elbow or tendinitis for over a year and could barely carry 1/2 gallon of milk. I couldn’t get a decent night’s rest due to the constant pain.  After the first treatment, the elbow was about 75% better, but after the second treatment the tennis elbow was gone. In fact, as the months passed, I started to notice that I was no longer lactose intolerant. Before the treatment, I couldn’t even tolerate Lactaid, much less whole milk. But I noticed that I could once again enjoy milk, cheese, and sour cream.  As destiny would have it, I found a local couple months later that had recently trained in the advanced level of Biomagnetism. They were heaven sent.    


Sold on the outcomes my family and I had experienced, I started to refer friends, colleagues and family. So many of them were skeptical, just like I had been, but the ones willing to give it a try saw the results for themselves. Now they have so many of their own testimonials – for some these were life changers and for some their treatments were life savers.  A few years later, after a physical, the scoliosis I had acquired after a horseback riding fall at age 17, was gone, What??!! I couldn’t imagine that was even possible!!  I’m sure you can’t either, but my hips are even, my shoulders are even and my back is straight. The pain I had suffered for years on my hip and my lumbar spine (lower back) were gone.  I was in awe. I still am. With every testimony, I am reminded that there is a simpler path to our health – less painful, less costly, less drama.  


Seeing my interest, my therapists taught me so much and then propelled me to train as a Biomagnetic Therapist. Nothing I had studied in psychology or in health in college or grad school compared to what I learned from Mexican Surgeon and Biomagnetic and Bioenergetic Founder and Genius, Dr. Goiz Duran.  All I can say is that if you haven’t heard about this treatment method, look into it! You’ll be so happy you did.  And if you find yourself inclined to try it, give me a call. I’d love to help.


Gaya (Bio Therapy Practitioner)


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Ivette Agusti