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Manifest Your Summer & Life Dreams


Manifest Your Summer & Life Dreams

by Ivette Agusti

One of the biggest gifts of summer is the opportunity to have more time and to be present. It’s typically a time for family vacations, less work and more relaxation. During the rest of the year, there’s so much to do. As a mother and owner of two businesses, I wonder if my agenda has always been too full and if I’ve filled my son’s up. Normally we have soccer, basketball, piano, meetings, emails, calls, after-school activities. When are we living in the present? Something that seems so simple – just Be Here Now. Being Present is one of the greatest gifts God gave us. It’s a present because what you find being present is peace and where you can connect to your Divine Wisdom inside to Manifest your Dreams. I say ‘Master your Mind, Manifest your Destiny.’ But how? How do we train our minds to being present in order to manifest our dreams? We have to develop the habit of being present as if it’s a muscle in our bodies. Could you read this article and not think of where you need to be, who you need to get back to and what you’ll make for dinner?

As the owner of I am Equilibrium (IAE), Holistic Gyms, I started looking for an expert in families. I found Lina Sandoval, owner of ‘the Nest’, and we had them do a workshop called Conscious Parenting. What Lina taught me was such a compelling fact. She said ‘studies show that our children only have one true request and that is for 20 minutes of undivided attention from their parent.’ Twenty minutes of no iphone, no email, no work or thinking you have to be somewhere else. Your child just needs you to be fully present when you’re with them like they normally are. What a lesson to learn. Our children can teach us so much about life. Most children do not understand talking about being somewhere else when they are where they are at the time. They are PRESENT!

I wanted to develop this new habit called ‘Being Present,’ so I went to do AIRial Yoga with my son. What an amazing experience. We hung from hammocks like we were in Cirque de Soleil; we were upside down, holding hands; we were doing a pose where we swing feeling light as a feather. We wrapped ourselves in the hammock and pretended to be snakes. He loved it so much he still asks me daily ‘when are we going back?’ I too felt like a child. Filled with joy and peace – I was finally present with my son and we both connected. I realized what gift the ‘present’ gives us. And that’s the ability to connect with others. And when we connect, we can learn about ourselves through others and grow. Try something today with someone you love or even by yourself. Ask yourself when your mind wonders, am I in the past thinking of something that already occurred; am I in the future, thinking of something that needs to get done; or am I present, enjoying this Moment’s gifts; a moment that will not return. I invite you to enjoy, be present. See how the present will bring you presents so you can see how magical this world really is. Allow us to help; to serve. Namaste.

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Ivette Agusti