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Mindset is everything and Spring has sprung!

Easter prompts a new beginning.  What are you planning on taking into client and family relationships?…to your spouse or partner?…to yourself?

Jesus said one’s purpose is to ‘Know Thyself’.

Think and know you are on target if these relationships including the one you have with yourself brings you joy and good feelings. 

For a client of mine, good feelings meant releasing clients to allow better ones to emerge.

For another client, it was releasing Emotional Abuse in her relationships.  This Abuse is typically unknown and silent, but she recognized her pattern and now as a Doctor, she’s empowered herself.

A third client grew her book of business over her threshold by networking with other like-minded individuals.  She’s surrounding herself with relationships that are equally empowering.  She’s spending less time with those relationships that do not empower her.

Listen in, Be creative and discover which relationships including the one you have with yourself, is serving your highest and best purpose and which are not.

Know all is in Divine Order and Divine Timing.

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