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Mudra, Mantra & Movement

Mudra, Mantra & Movement

Mudra, Mantra & Movement

Would you like to ‘be one’ with the Earth?


The Mudra, Mantra and Movement class is based on the three energies of the universe that flow through our bodies: expansion, contraction and harmonizing. It provides a relaxing way to de-stress for the rest of the evening and sleep well at night. Practiced regularly, it helps in healing ailments.

Prof. Park Jae Woo created different ways to utilize these Triorigin energies so that we can experience the Soul Smile that is our essence.


In this class, the movements are flowing, and low impact, so they are suitable for all fitness levels, with music to engage the mind. At first, the movements are being learned, so the participant is focused on remembering the movement, and thinking about the next movement. As we keep practicing together, the movements become more natural, graceful and flowing. At this level, we have begun to align with the movements of the planets, and the exercise becomes meditative. This can take up to 4 to 5 sessions to learn.


Mudras are gestures of the fingers and mantras are sounds. In each class, we learn different mudras and mantras according to the needs of the participants, as they help to enhance and help heal the functioning of mind, body and life. They too are of the Triorigin energies.


Mudra, Mantra and Movement is a class where you unite with your soul and the universe. With facilitator Meenakshi Suri, you will learn  slow, graceful moments, and tai-chi, you can help make your body, mind, and soul at peace! Be prepared to immerse yourself in unity and peace and love and everything good in between.

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