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On Wayne Dyer & From Limiting Beliefs to Encouraging Beliefs

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On Wayne Dyer & From Limiting Beliefs to Encouraging Beliefs

by Patricia Hernandez, MSW, MPH, CHC

Am I smart?

Am I worthy?

Am I loveable?

Am I…..?

Do you ask yourself these questions? Often, every now and then, or daily? Do they creep up even when you least expect them? If so, then you’re not alone yet if you believe them and give them power, then you limit your capabilities and are not fulfilling your true potential. Life is a gift which carries within it experiences that can push us to question our worthiness or our purpose. It takes confidence, trust, and belief in one’s ability to move past those doubts. With a supportive community and learning from others we can face through the most fearful and limiting thoughts.

Wayne Dyer

A great mentor and teacher, Wayne Dyer, who passed away a few days ago, was known as a stimulating speaker, writer, and proponent of positive thoughts amongst others. For years he spoke at seminars, created meaningful meditations, and inspirational words, which guided us to “push past our fears as we move forward towards our purpose.” In his article about fear blocking life purpose he stated, “When we stay on purpose and steadfastly refuse to be discouraged, accepting our fears and doing it anyway, those seemingly dormant forces do come alive and show us that we are greater people than we ever dreamed ourselves to be.”

We all have a purpose in our lives, whether we understand it or not yet it’s the journey that enlightens our path. When we do become clear in our purpose our biggest obstacle is ourselves. As Wayne adds “It was my willingness to align my body and its actions with my highest self, which could no longer handle living a lie.” Our purpose ultimately is to be love and receive love, which is usually done through service and community. Eventually we will all come to the belief as Wayne states, “We are not our bodies, our possessions, or our careers who we are is divine love and that is infinite.”

Wayne, like you and I, also had fear in his heart and at times limiting beliefs yet he pushed past them, as you will. Beliefs are only as strong as the faith you put in them. Together let’s change our negative thoughts by saying loud and proud

I am smart,

I am worthy,

I am loveable,



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