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Perseverance Equals Success** Plus Mother Day Gift!

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Perseverance Equals Success** Plus Mother Day Gift!

You’ve heard the term ‘Find your North Star’, but what does it mean?  What’s a North Star?

The Urban dictionary says, ‘Something that is a constant and dependable in an ever changing world’.  Others call it a guiding light, one’s purpose, mission, reason for being. It’s what provides the Fire underneath all ambition, perseverance and triumph. 

Is it Acquired? Are you born with it?  Do you know what your North Star is? 

What is Your reason for being?  Knowing it is everything. It’s provides a focus.  It brings you in sync and flow in your life.  It will make you Ready to conquer the world. Everyone’s North Star is different.  

For a great client and friend of mine, Marissa Contreras, her North Star was her ambition.  Being a US immigrant arriving with nothing, Marissa was going to be successful at all costs!   She started carrying a massage table hotel to hotel, 11 years ago.  Now her company, Miami City Massage and Kalma, lead the spa industry in Miami Beach hotels.  When I was coaching her, her business broke the million dollar threshold.  All she needed was to release some limiting subconscious beliefs. 

Now it’s on it’s way to becoming a Multi-million dollar business, Miami City Massage is the outsourced spa in hotels like 1 Hotel (W brand), the Betsy in Miami Beach and many others.   There’s so many like her that started door to door and are now millionaires: whether it was insurance (Estrella), Music (Estefans), Jewelry (Gems of America), Hospitality (like Raul Leal, CEO Virgin), Many Consultants I know that are in accounting, real estate, massage (like Marissa Contreras below) plus many others. 

Some say it’s luck. 

Those that lived it say they made their luck. 

What’s your North Star so you can make your luck?  

If you can Be Still and still your mind, you probably already know.  It’s innate in you.  It’s your life mission, built into your blueprint.

Now Keep moving forward, you’ve got this!

i am equilibrium i am equilibrium


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