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Raul Leal, CEO Virgin Hotels

Raul Leal, CEO Virgin Hotels

Raul Leal, CEO Virgin Hotels

The next series of newsletters I will give you examples of ordinary people like you and I that have chosen to serve.  I am so proud to introduce a more than 10-year client and good friend, Raul Leal.  I reached out to Raul earlier today to let him know we would feature him in our newsletter and as he was boarding on another plane, he sent me the latest video on Virgin Hotels.  See below and notice the culture in the office and Raul’s comments.

Virgin’s Raul Leal Video

Raul’s story is remarkable. Born to Cuban parents, he lived in Little Havana.  His father worked in a humble job at a Miami Beach Hotel.  Raul decided to help his father when he was young at the hotel.  His father taught him the clean and dirty work of the hotel industry.  Later on Raul decided to dedicate his career to hospitality.  He decided to follow in his dad’s footsteps except he felt he could serve the world.  Not even the sky being the limit, Raul went from owning his own company, Tectron Hospitality, Creator of Desires Hotels to being the CEO of Virgin Hotels. His secret?

Humility.  When he walks into any room whether its one with Richard Branson or the head of housekeeping, he is the same through and through.  He does something I explain and train all my clients in.  He listens first, analyzes next, and gives a nonbiased response.  He never gives a comment from a personal opinion or view.

How many responses have you given today that’s detached from your personal view?  Have you gotten out of the way so your life can take you where the sky has no limits?  Have you mastered the bible verse, ‘In true Obedience lies true freedom.’?  If you Master Your Mind, you’ll see a purpose to serve and you’ll be taken care of every time.  Guaranteed.

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