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Roberto Suarez

Roberto Suarez Roberto Suarez “El Happy Coach”

Roberto believes that by harnessing the power of the breath one can manifest powerful outcomes. He is a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher and a Circular Breath professional certified by Leonard Orr & Sondra Ray, founders of Rebirthing. He has practiced Tai Chi for 15 years and delivers Happiness every day to clients through Mentoring and Meditation practices, such as Standing Meditation. His work in senior management over the past 35 years allows him to work on a close and personal basis with each of his clients, helping them seek and fulfill their visions.







Circular Breathing

Are you looking for ways to attain peak performance, optimum health or being happier? Circular Breathing will assist you in maintaining a profound sense of spiritual and physical well-being. You will learn a conscious connected energy breathing technique that gives you self-healing power, enhanced self-esteem and personal intelligence for life. Circular Breathing will help transform all the negative past experiences supporting you to vibrate at a higher consciousness and to be Happy & Free.

In each session you will breathe for 60 minutes (lying down). The breathing is continuous, which means that there are no pauses or gaps between the breaths. The inhales are active and the exhales are passive. Also, you will consciously breathe energy and not just air.

Relaxation is a key factor in the process, as well as a willingness to feel deeply and to be totally present to what is, as it is. 


  • Master Circular Breathing Technique
  • Release Stress, Emotional & Physical Tension
  • Improve Health & Vitality
  • Release Hidden Barriers
  • Increase Energy & Youthfulness
  • Come Alive and Live Presently
  • Experience a Creative, Prosperous & Happy Life

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