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Rosanna De Guzman

Rossana De GuzmanRosanna obtained her classical ballet training in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Champaign, IL. She danced professionally with Ramon Segarra’s Ballet Puertorriqueño, Ballets de San Juan and Danza Brava. Her greatest influence, Ramon Segarra -an internationally acclaimed dancer, choreographer, teacher, ballet master and artistic director – gave her an appreciation for classical ballet as well as an openness to perform all types of dances and share them with communities. It is with this spirit, that after a successful international career in the travel industry, Rosanna returns to teach dance and dance improvisation for her community in Miami. Her goal is to enrich our lives through dance. Rosanna was most recently seen dancing with the Miami Amateur Ballet at the Coral Gables Museum. She is a certified Pilates Mat Teacher.



Creative Dance, Pilates floor 

The class is designed to delight the artist or child within through music, movement and playful improvisations as well as to strengthen the physical body using ballet technique and core Pilates floor exercises. Special emphasis on correct alignment and progressive buildup of technique provide the class foundation.  In addition, popular choreography from musicals such as Chicago, serves as inspiration for class routines .  The class is perfectly suited for anyone recovering from an illness or injury or anyone who loves exercising through dance. The goal is to enrich our lives through play and dance.

Pilates Mat 

Mat floor exercise sequence to condition your body based on the theory of Joseph Pilates Method.  The sequence is performed in a mindful way bringing awareness to the center of the body, the “Powerhouse” (abdominals, back muscles, glutes, inner thighs and hamstrings), focus on the precision of movement, control of the mind over the body, attention to quality instead of quantity, breath and a rhythmic flow.  The class is designed to work every side of the body, front, back, lateral.  Special attention is placed to correct alignment and activation of working muscles before progressing to higher level exercises.

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