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‘Start Living Life’: A Facilitator’s Story!

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‘Start Living Life’: A Facilitator’s Story!

Jodi Rogozinski is many things: she’s a helper, wise, and positive. I think we can all agree she’s also strong! Meet Jodi, one of our wonderful facilitators who’s answers to the questions below come straight from the heart! She instructs Power Yoga, Da Vinci BodyBoard, and Mindfulness For Brides here at I Am Equilibrium. Whether you’re looking for yoga with fitness depth, want a full body pilates workout in 30 minutes, or about to get married and want to get rid of the ‘bridezilla’ feel, Jodi can help!

1-Why do you do what you do? I love helping people. My father was a helper and I truly believe I inherited this trait from him. He was always volunteering his time in hopes of just changing one person’s life. In turn, I have set out to do the same both in my profession and through volunteerism.

2-How did you get started?

I have been a ballerina since the age of 3. Once you are off on your own, college, work etc. you are forced to find outlets that were already built in to your schedule when you were younger. Pilates and Yoga were natural progressions for me but I have always been into sports as well so I enjoy weightlifting, running, boxing etc. just as much. As for my career in coaching, I knew I had a gift from a young age when everyone would confide in me with their concerns. I was a shoulder to lean on, an open ear, and a confidant. I felt compelled to help Brides while I was receiving my master’s degree in conflict resolution at Columbia University and I became the stressed out unhappy Brides. As many of my friends became engaged and I started get the pulse of many previous Brides, I realized I was not alone. Bridal planning was no longer just about the Bride and Groom and this in effect was causing lots of angst in many engagements. I hated hearing that most brides couldn’t wait until the wedding day was over and that is if they even made it to the wedding day!  

3-What is your secret to living a happy a fulfilling life? Give up living your life to other’s expectations Give up your need to always be right Give up your need to impress others Give up your resistance to change Give up loving your stuff, Begin loving life.

4-What are some of your favorite affirmations/mantras? Audrey Hepburn- “Nothing is Impossible, the world itself says – I Am Possible! Wayne Dyer- If you change the way you look at things. The things you look at change.

5-What words of wisdom do you have for those who are looking for inner peace?

Allow yourself the capacity to just be. Consider what you are doing is exactly where you need to be, right now. And perhaps with time, you can begin to open space,to change perspective, and from there the possibilities become limitless.  

6-So, Mindfulness for Brides? Tell our readers a story about you’re own preparations on your own wedding!

As a planner, I had a vision for how I wanted my special day to go. I set out to plan a magical beach side wedding in our new hometown of Miami and it truly was a dreamlike weekend for everyone in attendance but, as you may know sometimes life takes unexpected curves that challenge us and ultimately change us. At 9:30pm the night of my wedding I was rushed through the Trauma Bay at Jackson Memorial Hospital and into emergency surgery for a perforated gastric ulcer and collapsed lung. I spent the next five days, on my “honeymoon” with tubes in my nose and stomach, IV’s pumping lord knows what into me, and the feeling like I had been hit my a big MACK truck as I struggled to even take a full deep breathe, use the bathroom on my own, or walk at more then a snails pace down the halls of the hospital. I couldn’t make these stories up but if anything there are lessons to be learned and I hope my story can make a difference in another Brides planning process. Probably the most important lesson of all? Take time to slow down and just BREATHE.  

7-What is your biggest challenge as a teacher?

I have loved being on the other side of the practice. I love being both a student and teacher and find that being a student of my own practice is ultimately the best gift I can to my students. Teaching can consume a lot of my time so I find it extremely important to continue my own practice, whether it be yoga, pilates, weightlifting, running etc. in order to keep my classes fresh and be able to truly experience what my students are feeling.  

8-Have you ever lost connection with your practice? If so, how did you reconnect?

Absolutely. With my yoga practice I lost connection for a few years as I moved from city to city. When I was re-introduced in 2012 I remembered why the Baptiste practice was such an integral part of my life and how it allowed me to open up in ways I wasn’t able to through other practices. The Baptiste practice is not only about doing the poses( asanas) but creates a space to get messy and in the mess find stability and strength both in our physical and spiritual bodies. Jodi teaches classes weekly! Check our our schedule for times! Click Here!  


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