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Tame the Fire Within

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Tame the Fire Within


Tame the Fire Within II with Ivette Agusti

As a Mom, I’ve always been very observant of how my son’s body is functioning.  Is it working at its optimum level?  Does he need more vitamins, more vegetables, more water?  I watch what goes into the body and what comes out.   As a young baby he had some constipation which later subsided.  Now he’s had skin issues like eczema for a few years.  

It comes and goes but I decided not to dismiss it.  I learned how skin being our biggest organ, is also our biggest indicator of what’s going on in the body. All these things that are so easily dismissed with some prunes, some cream, some other prescription.

I went to get diagnostic testing done on him, basic blood & stool test.  My surprise, he has inflammation in the body, caused by leaky gut.   What’s more, simple change in diet, to stop eating foods like spinach (which I kept giving him) or cheddar cheese, even grapes, olives, needed to stop for 3 months.

I also got a list of foods he can’t eat for a lifetime. Very short list and all things he dislikes.  I thought of all the times I made him eat things he adamantly said no, could it have been the innate wisdom of his body?  Because there are other foods and veggies he eats without a problem.  Learn what’s going on with our bodies. How inflammation untreated leads to eventual disease and ailments in the body.  – Ivette

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