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The Healing Energy of an Akashic Reading


The Healing Energy of an Akashic Reading

Akashic Record Reading

An Akashic Reading is a lot more than an average reading. It is a way of receiving information and shifting energy to achieve a real healing effect. From the moment Edgar Cayce first started to connect with the Akashic Records there was a clear shift in consciousness that now allows us to experience the same level of healing and understanding that he once did. Although Edgar Cayce is given credit for being the first to tap into this library of knowledge, he was by far not the only one that did. We now know that there were cultures in the distant past, from the Ancient Egyptians to the Mayans, that knew about the field of Akasha. From cave paintings and hieroglyphics found in the walls of temples we can clearly see how much they learned.

Although there are many ways to reach the Akashic Records -from meditation to hypnotic trance and even lucid dreaming- one of the most effective ways to do it is through the use of a sacred ancient prayer of Mayan origin. This prayer helps the Akashic Reader go straight to the heart of the records, and with the help of masters and teachers, to receive information relevant to your life. During this process the practitioner connects to the records through his/her 8th Chakra and the energy of the records flows out through his/her Heart Chakra. The healing energy of the records envelops you, making blockages of energy shift and dissolve.

In essence, the experience presents an answer to an inquiry and healing at the same time.

When getting an Akashic Reading, it is important to be prepared before receiving your reading by thinking of the questions you would like to ask. Have them written and ready. It is also very effective to prepare by fasting of alcoholic beverages for 24 hours prior to the reading in order to maintain the energy level as pure and elevated as possible, making it more accurate and effective. Another good practice is to take a journal to keep track of the advice that the Masters and Teachers are willing to impart through the reader that is interpreting your records.

An Akashic Reading can also help to clear karmic ancestral issues and help with every day issues. As we move into this new era of spirituality that is enveloping our planet, tools such as energy healing and Akashic Record Readings will help to heal our world one person at a time.


Lisette Lopez

Lisette Lopez is a Mental Health Counselor, teacher, writer, and a healer. She has been an Akashic Reader taught by the Akashic Record Consultants International since 2002. She is an accomplished Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression, a Reiki Master, and a Life Coach that focuses on emotional and spiritual issues. Holding a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counceling, Lisette has experience as a tutor, teacher and social worker. She is passionate about what she does and is happiest when helping others.


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