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The Success of Men & Women

The Success of Men & Women

The Success of Men & Women

The Success of Men & Women, I’ve observed, is partly due to being aware.  Aware of their surroundings and what’s the meaning of things.  Aware of themselves and their effect on others.  As for the month of April, April seems to be derived from the Latin aperire that means “to open”.  Being the second month of spring, they can refer to the opening of flowers.

The blockage in one’s life is parallel to the blockages in their beliefs/mindset.  What’s interesting is that the majority of these blockages or limiting beliefs are in the Subconscious mind, appearing in unconscious behaviors; unknown to the person.  

And at the same time, it can a driving force for us to accomplish our goals.  Once these goals are accomplished or close at hand, these blockages can become counterproductive.  I will give you an example without naming client or their occupation.  A person can set in their minds the belief that in order to get ahead, they must hustle, unmind their peers, and instill fear in their staff.  Well a good example is a client of mine that reached his goal, got promoted to a superior position in the company, but once promoted, no one wanted to work for him.  The job required a team and he could not put one together.  In the contrary, one of the heads of the company took longer to get to his position, but did so as a team.  This executive also did yoga for the last 15 years.  He understood the need to open and be aware of who his is and his effect on others.

So Today, write a list of blockages you may have, any obstacles that you are encountering.  Write the first thoughts that come to mind.  Then read them again but focusing on you. How do these same obstacles apply to you?  The discovery is powerful.  What is certain is that the awareness is 50% of the battle and results are surprisingly instant.  Be Open, Explore and Be Honest.  Next week, I’ll introduce a client of mine I’ve had for 10 years who is now the CEO of a Global company.  You’ll see another example of how mindset is everything. 

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