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The true meaning of Reiki

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The true meaning of Reiki

Reiki was created by Mikao Usui in the early 1900’s after numerous years of studying ancient texts seeking a practical form of healing he could share to the masses. Reiki, which Rei means higher power, spiritual and Ki, means life energy. The combination connects universal energy through a Reiki practitioner as it flows through them as they are the channel and out through their hands over the recipient so it can move any blocks in their life energy.

Reiki is Japanese form of stress reduction and relaxation technique which promotes the natural healing of the body. This technique can be learned by anyone, including animals, to assist people on their healing journey. It is now being used in private practices, hospitals, nursing homes, and meditation circles to name a few.

Reiki has three levels which are taught either separately or together. Each teacher has his/her own method of sharing the technique.While the methods may vary, the energy remains the same which is of receiving universal love energy. What separates Reiki from other energy medicine is the attunement, opening of the chakras in the student to allow the energy to flow easily, in the class. This is a special ritual which everyone experiences differently.

I teach Reiki levels separately with Reiki 1 and 2 offered a few months apart so people can be come accustomed to the energy and practice it on themselves and others. Reiki 1 is about the history of Reiki, its uses, chakras, life balance, self-care, and the hand positions. The last part of the class is spent practicing on one another and feeling the flow of energy. Reiki 2 is my favorite class as we learn about the 3 symbols that enhance the energy, clear mental/emotional blocks that have been present since childhood, and provide distant healing.

The practitioner does not cure a client, rather it is the energy that claims full responsibility of moving stuck energy which can either be physical or emotional. The energy clearing which may be felt immediately or throughout the next few days can offer permanent relief in numerous situations. Overall, Reiki assists a persona relax so the body can heal itself.

I teach to anyone of any age, however, I have primarily taught adults especially in the healing professions. In Reiki 1, we discuss how we take on other people’s energies which can drain us, yet with Reiki we can protect ourselves and even share Reiki with our clients with their permission. I also emphasize the need of self-care and for 21 days after the class we practice it as a group virtually.

I have been practicing Reiki since 2012 and teaching since 2013. It has completely transformed my life, so much so, that I have chosen to embrace practicing and teaching Reiki as an entrepreneur to share and enhance the love vibration of our world. I imagine a world in which people would reach out to one another and promote a loving space by sharing a healing energy via holding hands or hugs instead of in anger or frustration. I have shared this healing technique nationally and internationally as I am on a quest to share this with the world.

I will be teaching Reiki 1 at our Doral location this Sunday, December 6 from 1-6pm. The class is open to anyone interested in learning Reiki for themselves and/or to share with other living entities from people to animals to plants and trees. Reiki taps into an unlimited energy source so there is enough for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in my class on Sunday. Please email me at media@iamequilibrium if you have any questions about the class. Friday, December 4 is the last day to register so I can ensure I have enough materials.


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