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Water Infused With – What?

Water Infused With – What?

Water Infused With – What?

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You’ve seen pictures all over the internet and social platforms, but is it really good for you? You know, the pictures with the mason jars and cool straws? Sources say (and by sources I mean myself) it’s actually pretty delicious. Yes, ladies and gentleman, water infused with fruit is now the new healthy cocktails drink! Adding fruits and herbs to your water increases your intake of essential vitamins. There’s a reason why these infused waters are taking spas and holistic gyms by storm! They’re much healthier than sodas, but, don’t take my word for it! Here are a couple fruity elixirs to try out yourself!
*warning* Homemade water infused fruit drinks may cause flavor explosion in your mouth. It also may change the way you drink water forever, in a positive way!

What can you infuse with water?
Berries (all kinds), pineapple, basically any type of fruit you like! Mint, sage, cucumber, basil, cilantro, lavender, lime, lemon, coconut.

There are many types of combinations for infusions!

*Side-Note= for ultimate flavor explosion, try gently mashing up the ingredients 😉


For citrus lovers- you can fill a pitcher with water, add cucumbers + oranges+ mint to create a summertime yummy detox drink.
For berry aficionados! – Strawberry+ lime is heavenly! So is, rosemary + blueberries + raspberries!
You can also try-
• watermelon + mint + lime
• cucumber + pear + mint
• sage + orange + mango
• strawberry + orange
• basil + lemon + coconut
• strawberry + thyme
• coconut + pineapple
• lavender + cucumber + mint
• apple + cinnamon
• raspberries + lemon
• strawberry + kiwi + lime
• orange + rosemary
• blackberries + pomegranate + goji
• cherry + lime + mint

*Use your imagination; add what you like!

Water is the best thing since sliced bread; it helps prevent headaches, moods and increase brain power! Lemon contains high antioxidants, as well as pomegranates and dark berries. Lemons also boosts your immune system. Blackberries are rich in fiber. Blueberries are the no.1 antioxidant. Cantaloupe is a great source of vitamin a, and potassium. Goji berries are awesome antioxidants and fiber. Oranges offer vitamin c! Lavender helps with indigestion. Sage and rosemary help offer antioxidants!

The trick is, you can put whichever combination you like. Come up with your own! You can drink instantly or even refrigerate it for whenever! Apart from tasting delicious, it’s a great alternative to soda, fizzy drinks, and juice! It also acts as an awesome detox and energy booster.
Don’t have time? No worries! Simply grab an ice tray, fill it halfway with water, and then drop the fruit in! In no time, you’ll have water infused with ice cubes infused with fruit!
Which types of fruit do you like to mix in with water?
Namaste everyone keep hydrated!

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