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First and foremost we’d like to welcome you to our blog. We are very happy to be able to start sharing information with you about all we are doing to bring I Am Equilibrium to life. As with any journey, there must be a beginning and we are currently at the beginning of ours. As we work towards having our facility open and fully functional, we wanted to provide a space where we could provide you with information on different techniques, concepts and objects that can help you to reach equilibrium.


     I Am Equilibrium is a holistic gym. You might be thinking, “What exactly is a holistic gym?” Well, it is exactly what it sounds like: its a gym, but not a gym in the sense of for your body, but  more so for your soul. Just as we concern ourselves with our physical bodies by: trying to eat right, exercising and getting enough rest; so too, must we feed, exercise and nurture our souls. We believe that a full integrated approach, where mind body and soul are not only addressed but brought into harmony is essential if one wants to lead a long and more importantly, satisfying life. We know that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world and so true outer harmony will be reflected only if inner harmony exists. We are here to help you to find and maintain that inner harmony.

   We invite you to follow along as we take this journey from an idea to reality and sincerely hope that this blog will prove to be a great resource.

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Ivette Agusti