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Women’s History Month

Women's History Month

Women’s History Month

It’s Women’s History Month & Woman, you must express Yourself!  In the intense treatments I give to my clients, one of the main issues is unexpressed emotion.  Lack of Self-expression just becomes trapped emotions in your body.  Same applies to men.  Over time these trapped emotions make you feel uncentered, uneasy and eventually get released in a dis-ease.

So Self-Care is Imperative!

Part of Self-care is expressing what you need to express so it does not accumulate in the body.   Thus any type Movement, Fitness, we suggest our Aerial and our Pilates Board because we’ve seen first hand the fastest way to get there, moves and keeps the physiology of the body moving so nothing gets stored where it shouldn’t be.  This allows you to BE in peace with yourself and your surroundings.

Try to avoid trapped emotions from NOW, by always being YOU in FULL Self-expression.  Avoid Future Blockages by living in Full Self-expression.  You do this by living congruent with who you are, i.e. saying what you feel at the moment – what comes to mind is typically right on, NOW the caveat is either you say it verbally because your spoken word will serve you OR you say it internally to you in such a way that you Express it Externally through body language or settle hints.  And of Course movement moves those trapped emotions.  Whatever is your Style, Do it!

Here’s a great way of getting in the funk of it — it’s Woman’s History Month — Know how powerful all the Women have been in History and That YOU, yes YOU are a woman just like them.  Whomever inspires you, Think of them, and Live it, Breathe it, Be it! 

Be the best version of you by letting the World see You.

You are a brand.  You are Unique. Just like all the Women below that filled our Women’s History with power and a full Self-Expression of themselves.


No Fear!!  This is what you were meant to do here!

I included a picture of what inspires me: The amazing women and experience I had in the Office Depot Foundation’s Women’s Symposium last weekend & Me, speaking, making a difference, capturing myself in full Self-expression.;)  Find your Inspiration & Breathe it in every day.

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