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Yoga for Weight Loss


Yoga for Weight Loss

There is a lot more to Yoga than fancy poses. Yoga teaches us about being present, listening to our bodies, becoming more aware of our feelings. One of the many practices of Yoga is mindfulness.
Practicing mindfulness allows us to become present and aware of everything that surrounds us. It allows us to be in the moment becoming more conscious of the decisions that we make, including food choices. We can learn to control our emotions, stress, cravings, with some simple mindfulness and yoga exercises.

5 Simple Mindfulness Tips for Weight Loss

  • Breathe: Take a few deep breaths and become aware of your body while finding your center; your equilibrium. Breathing correctly adds more oxygen to the blood. According to a study conducted by Anand B. Shetty at Hampton University in Virginia, the deep-breathing techniques of yoga can change the brain’s metabolic activity and decrease body mass index in obese individuals.
  • Listen to your body: Are you really hungry? Stressed? Frustrated? Anxious? Again, take a deep breath and release. You’ll be surprised how breathing will help you release those feelings and emotions. 
  • Be present: By learning to be present and not worry about the future, you will be able to be less stressed, less anxious. You can plan for the future, but do not allow those plans to take over your present moment. Let everything find its path. 
  • Love yourself: Yoga, meditation, mindfulness teaches you to love your body inside and out. 15 minutes of daily practice can go a long way. 
  • Focus: When focusing your attention during meditation, you can lower your blood pressure. It helps you manage stress, which in turn helps you avoid emotional eating

Remember, by practicing mindfulness, becoming aware of your thoughts and listening to your body you are taking a step forward in your journey to weight loss.

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